Naruto sex story part 1: Sakura and ino

Sakura walked into her bedroom, puffed out after a long day of training. She proceeded to lie down on her bed right in front of the window. Across the street Ino climbed onto the roof and used her mind transfer jutsu to possess sakura. absolutely horny, ino ripped sakuras clothes off and immedialtly began to make sakura finger her pussy, she rubbed and she pumped sakuras whole fist inside her pussy, at which point sakura interrupted her inside her mind, “if u wanna fuck me ino do it in ur own body not through mine!!!! ” sakura roared “ok” said ino, releasing the mind transfer and jumping across the street, sakura proceeded to rip off her clothes, they began to 69, sakura licking the inside of ino’s juciy wet pussy while ino was shoving her hand in sakuras pussy, sakura grabbed ino’s hands and said ” i have a special toy we can use” “lets”replied ino. Sakura went to her closet and pulled out a double headed dildo, sakura inserted it into and her pussies and they began to fuck like crazy, ino came all over sakuras chest as well as sakura coming all over ino’s. they ended their beutiful little game with making out and of course, fingering. …to be continued!

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7 Responses to Naruto sex story part 1: Sakura and ino

  1. unknown says:

    i want a personal story of naruto an hinata

  2. Ajacks says:

    listen up im the only 1 who writes stories round here i wrote a many 1 wer sasuke & naruto fucked hinata see the latest post nd i dnt let ideas come 2 me its a talent i was born 2 do this

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, terrible. Theres next to no description.. and Honestly Ajacks if you think you were born to do this.. You need to take a long, HARD look at your life. These posts are.. elementary school level, at best, though to be truthful.. someone of that level of education has no business writing literotica.

  5. you fail says:

    horrible story. your life is a fail

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