Naruto sex story part 8: Naruto and Hinata

” Hinata nodded and with that he slowly pushed his erect manhood inside her. Hinata cried out as she lost her virginity. When Naruto was in he kept still and kissed her so she could get her mind off the pain. After it eased off hinata put her arms and legs around naruto and nodded. Telling him it was OK to start. He started pumping slowly making her gasp and moan. naruto started to pick up the speed making Hinata even more excited. Then after a few minutes naruto suddenly stopped and asked “do you want to be on top? ” Hinata still blushing nods yes and goes on top of naruto and slides his dick back in her “oh naruto” she shouted. ” ahh hinata” he called back. she started to ride naruto then they both started to feel this intense over powering feeling. they were about to cum. Hinata went faster and faster both of them filling the air with moans of pleasure naruto could barely hold it anymore. “hinata! i’m—” he’s cut off ” me too! it’s OK let me have it! ” just then naruto felt her contract around him and wrapped his arms around her and gave her one final hard and sudden push which made Hinata cried out in pleasure as she felt Narutos hot liquid shoot inside her and naruto felt all her girl juice trickling all over him. “wow that was great we have to do that again” naruto said. “yes” Hinata replied with a blush on her face. and then they both fell asleep on the ground. …to be continued!

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  1. 076280726 says:


  2. Naruto says:

    Naruto: see sakura missed out i fucked hinatas brains out

  3. 4th hokage-flash says:

    thats ma boy

  4. narutodemon says:

    playa playa

  5. Anonymous says:

    Skeet skeet skeet

  6. suck it says:

    these stories are better than hentai pictures because you make your own pictures and my pictures are getting me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN HAAAAAARD

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